HARLAN Staffing Consultants is an executive search firm providing services to the Life Science industries and the Marketing and Business Development community. Our firm operates staffing searches for key members of Research and Development, Science, Clinical, Engineering, Manufacturing/Process, Quality, Regulatory, and Marketing/Sales departments, in addition to middle and senior level Management positions. Additionally, HARLAN Staffing Consultants can accommodate on-site consulting services for the temporary and focused needs of our client companies.

For Candidates, HARLAN Staffing Consultants offers assistance to individuals by introducing them to career enhancing opportunities in their specific areas of expertise. In turn, we have built and continue to develop productive relationships with top industry leaders by introducing high performance talent to their specific staffing projects. We make matches for the purpose of satisfying both Applicants and Companies by means of a thorough and comprehensive information exchange.

HARLAN Staffing Consultants subscribes to committing to high ethical standards, professionalism, confidentiality, and to serve as an accurate communication link between Client Company and Candidate. Our company mission is to fulfill a meaningful service for the long-term that allows individuals to aspire to the pinnacle of career achievement, and companies to exceed their financial goals and attain high visibility industry recognition.